Abrahamsson, Carl (ed): The Fenris Wolf 12 (Hardback Pre-Order)

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An issue filled to the brim with radical Occulture & Delightenment!

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This issue of The Fenris Wolf contains material about topics as diverse as Thai folk magic, performance art as ritual, the psychedelic aspects of Umberto Eco’s work, an interview with Vicki Bennett/People Like us, an excerpt from Val Denham’s autobiography, the power of wishing, trickle down metaphysics, conspiracy theories, Satanic comics, the history of Anton LaVey’s classic ”The Compleat Witch”, the ”Russian Embassy” of hippie era San Francisco, fictional wizards, Oscar Wilde, Freud & the Occult, Covid, planetary myths, Pan, individual vs state, gnosticism, the origins of the movie Freaks, the magic of dogs, shamanic clan activation, JG Ballard, AI language models, the work of Genesis P-Orridge, Yantras and art magic, Crowley’s views on reincarnation, the magic of The Purple Rose of Cairo, conspiracy myths and film, an elegy for John Balance, and much more!

Delivered to you via the bright minds of Carlos Abler, Vicki Bennett, Jesse Bransford, Gustaf Broms, Aki Cederberg, Henrik Dahl, Val Denham, Gordon Djurdjevic, Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, Kathelin Gray, Mitch Horowitz, Gary Lachman, Dave Lee, Ana Leorne, Anders Lundgren, Miguel Marques, Julio Mendes-Rodrigo, Peggy Nadramia, Alexander Nym, Devin Person, Robert Podgurski, Charlotte Rodgers, Derek Seagrief, Vanessa Sinclair, Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes, Lionel Snell, Billie Steigerwald, Jack Stevenson, Thomas Bey Williams Bailey, Tom Banger, Frater U.D., Karin Valis. Also, magical poems by Gabriela Herstik, Freek Wallagh, and art by Hagen von Tulien!

6 x 9”, 422 pages. Cover art by Val Denham. Available in paperback, hardback, and signed hardback editions. (The e-book will follow.)

PRE-ORDER: Order your copies right away so you’ll get the book as soon as it comes out. Get ready for a mind-blowing occultural extravaganza! The book will ”ship” end of May 2024, and you will be the first to get it!