June 16, 2024


TRAPART – For the love of books

Trapart was created by me in 2012 as an outlet for interesting books, films and editions. Previously I have worked with publishing efforts at TOPYSCAN, Psychick Release, Looking Glass Press, Übertext and Edda Publishing. It seems I’m somehow addicted to making books and magazines…

What I’ve learnt throughout all of these years of working is that nothing beats a good book. Absolutely nothing. In my mind, the key to professional joy is to publish what you yourself really like, so that the intuitive accumulation of titles takes on almost a life of its own. This goes for other media as well of course, which is why films, editions and music are also included under the Trapart umbrella. I believe (and hope) that if you come looking for a specific book, you will very likely enjoy the music and the films too – and vice versa. Trapart wants to cater to a synergetic potential in which the customer/reader spins the web of ideas and emotions ever onwards.

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Thank You!

Carl Abrahamsson

Photograph by Vanessa Sinclair