June 16, 2024

Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley has published thirty-six volumes of epic poetry, fiction, essays and screenplays with houses in England, Canada, Japan and the USA. He is the author of Elmer Crowley: a katabasic nekyia, which has received critical acclaim from such lights of the occultural universe as Richard Kaczynski, Charlotte Rogers, Don Webb, and Gwendolyn von Taunton, who writes–

“…[Bradley] has a high knowledge of esoteric symbolism… Reading Elmer Crowley is like reading Crowley’s inner dialogue at 3:am, after an intensive journey into his own inner abyss. It is therefore, a magickal working that Crowley himself would be proud of.”

Tom’s journalism and criticism have appeared in such publications as Salon.com, and have been featured in Arts & Letters Daily. Denis Dutton, editor of the site (“among the most influential media personalities in the world,” according to Time Magazine), wrote as follows: 

“Tom Bradley is one of the most exasperating, offensive, pleasurable, and brilliant writers I  know. I recommend his work to anyone with spiritual fortitude and a taste for something so strange that it might well be genius.” 

Further curiosity can be satisfied at tombradley.org.

Books by Tom Bradley:

Nagasaki Soul Huffer – A Manhunt In Fifty-five Cantos