June 16, 2024

Nina Antonia

Nina Antonia (Liverpool, 1960) is a former music journalist, who has contributed to Uncut, Mojo, Classic Rock and Record Collector. Her first and best known book Johnny Thunders – In Cold Blood is currently being made into a feature film, with Jonas Akerlund set to direct. Johnny described Nina as ‘The smartest chick I’ve ever met.’ Of her book The New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon (Omnibus, 1998), Uncut magazine commented ‘Nina Antonia makes a fascinating story irresistible.’ Antonia is also featured in the Sundance Film Festival’s nominated documentary New York Doll about Arthur “Killer” Kane alongside Morrissey, Mick Jones, David Johansen, Clem Burke, and Iggy Pop and Nina appears in Danny Garcia’s poignant documentary Looking For Johnny. As well as appearing on Radio One and Radio Six, Nina has performed at spoken word events and enjoyed a retrospective of her work at the Barbican curated by Jay Clifton. Jay Clifton commented that ‘The special value of Nina’s oeuvre lies not so much in her subjects, but in her personal commitment to both the documentation of them and a search for the truth about both their character and their cultural significance. Like the best writers, she begins from personal fascinations. But with a balance of personal feelings and objective contemplation, combined with a fluid literary style, she writes books that resonate beyond the parameters of the surface material.’ Nina lectured on Glam at Tate Liverpool in 2013 which can be seen via YouTube in Parts 1 and 2. In 2016, Nina had her first supernatural piece South-West 13 published in an Egaeus Press anthology Soliloquy for Pan which sold out within days. She has continued to contribute to Egaeus, penning a novella length essay How Shall Dead Men Singabout Lord Alfred Douglas and Oscar Wilde. Another essay Bosie and The Beastappeared in Fenris Wolf 8 in 2017. Nina’s first supernatural novel The Greenwood Faun is available for purchase via Egaeus. In 2019, Nina edited and wrote an essay for Incurable: The Haunted Writings of Lionel Johnson, the Decadent Era’s Dark Angel. She also contributed to The Far Tower: Stories for W.B. Yeats with this essay The Hosts of the Air by Swan River Press. In 2020-2021, Nina released The Prettiest Star eBook, wrote A Purple Thread: The Supernatural  Doom of Oscar Wilde for Fiddler’s Green and contributed the short story, Away, to Uncertainties: Volume V by Swan River Press.