July 23, 2024

In his easy-going style, best-selling author Carl Abrahamsson roams through inspiring topics like magic, occulture, art, and psychology, and also shares from his vast experience of working the magical system of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth (TOPY) in general, and with the ”cut-up” technique specifically. There are also essays dealing with literature and film, ranging from Aleister Crowley, Ingmar Bergman, and on to Ed Wood Jr.

Specializing in topics and people that have changed our culture in hidden ways, Abrahamsson’s essays are inspiring guides on your own journey to individuation, and to a new way of looking at and appreciating culture.

In the book:  0. Introduction, 1. In League with the League, 2. Anima Mundi, 3.The Magic of Dreams, 4. Secrecy Exposed, 5. Occulturation & Epistemology, 6. On Source Magic, 7. Magick 101, 8. Talismans, 9. Climb the Heights, 10. Forcing the Hand of Chance, 11. Anatal Digilog 23, 12. Cut-Ups & Upper Cuts, 13. Cut-Ups & Magic, 14. “Practice Makes Perfect”, 15. Cinematic Visions, 16. Notes on an Imaginary Prequel, 17. The People Eaters, 18. Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!, 19. Orgy of the Dead, 20. A Touch of Vitriol, 21. The Devil’s Footprint, 22. Acknowledgments & Sources

”Carl is not only among today’s leading occult writers and artists, but is, in fact, one of this generation’s most vital public intellectuals.” – Mitch Horowitz, author of Modern Occultism

“Carl changes our means of perception – turning a straight line into an intricate spider’s web of possibilities and impossibilities combined. He performs magick; he concretises meaning and brings forth revelation into his carefully focused vision.” – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, artist

“Carl’s work always brings you to the edge of reality, asking you to peer through the veil and question if said reality even exists.” – Gabriela Herstik, author of Sacred Sex: The Magick and Path of the Divine Erotic.

“Carl Abrahamsson is a rare voice of lucidity in the complex world of magick. He explains the most profound and esoteric knowledge in a way that just keeps the pages turning and the ideas flowing.” – Kendell Geers, artist

Trapart Books, 2024. 260 pages, 6 x 9”. More information HERE.

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