June 16, 2024

Jason Haaf

Jason Haaf is a writer and visual artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He believes in unruly perspectives and strong beginnings on both paper and film. His works have appeared in Hello Mr. and Warm Brothersmagazines, Rendering Unconscious: Psychoanalytic Perspectives, Politics & PoetryThe Trapartisan Review, and Truant zine. He is the editor of Bent Book: a queerish anthology, and coauthor of Watchword with Aaron Krach. His debut novel Harsh Cravings was published by Polari Press in 2022.

Website: jasonhaaf.com

Photo credit: Patrick Lupinski

Books by Jason Haaf:

Can I see your niche? – Collages & Cut-ups 2020-2023

Jason is also featured in The Trapartisan Review 1

Jason is also featured in Rendering Unconscious 1