May 20, 2024

Ana Leorne

Ana Leorne (Porto, 1984) is a writer, artist, and researcher. She has started her career as a musician (Rope, The Clits, Annette Blade, Portuguese cast of RENT) while completing a BA in Fine Arts at University of Porto and producing work in the fields of photography, video, installation, and performance. She also holds a MA in Film Studies from NOVA University of Lisbon with a dissertation on psychoanalysis and Stanley Kubrick, and a PhD in Visual Cultures from EHESS with a dissertation on issues of identity, public image, and visual representation in the Beatles’ films and videos. 
Formerly associate editor at The 405 and digital media executive at MTV Portugal, her writing has appeared on Bandcamp, Elegy Iberica, Recording Academy/The Grammys, SFGate, Público, Beats Per Minute, SPIN, The Guardian, and many others. She’s also the author of “Dear Dr Freud” for David Bowie: Critical Perspectives (Routledge, 2015). She currently lives in Paris.

Books by Ana Leorne:

This Is the Strangest Life I’ve Ever Known – A Psychological Portrait of Jim Morrison