June 16, 2024

Today we celebrate the release of a new book: Vanessa Sinclair’s Things Happen.

Coming of age in 1990s Florida… Sex & drugs & dark music… Goth & Fetish Clubs… Abandoned Cocaine Gangster Hotels… Love & Violence… Friendships that last for life & beyond… A psychedelic underground in pastel-colored Miami… Ivy and her girlfriends roll with the crazy Florida waves and vibes and weirdos as they learn the ropes of reality (so-called)… And things happen. They really do.

THINGS HAPPEN is American artist & psychoanalyst Vanessa Sinclair’s debut novel: a prism of stories, fragments, and memories chronicling a young woman’s experiences of growing up in the anarchic high weirdness of Florida. It’s a time and space of awakenings in which sunshine, rainstorms and full-on hurricanes create the ambience of wide-eyed realizations that everything might not always be exactly as it seems.

”Vanessa Sinclair is a female William Burroughs for the age of desperation.” – Val Denham

Check out the book right HERE.

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